Auto Body and Collision Repair Services - Pato Bravo Body & Fender - Bellflower, CA

Auto Body Repair

If you are strictly coming in for bodywork or collision repair services, our expertise will lead you to a quick turnaround on your vehicle.

We are familiar with the majority of makes and models common to the Bellflower, CA area and are fully prepared for whatever services your situation may call for.

We take pride in the efficiency and focus we put into our bodywork, which in turn gives us a high volume of consistent returns.

Also, we offer free car rentals while the vehicle is in the shop to ensure that your time in Bellflower, CA is most optimally utilized following any collision repair.

Car Glass Repair

We also work with windows and sunroofs!

We can acquire the pieces ourselves or use what you provide us. However, if we do deem your piece to be ineffective/unsafe, we will advise for alternative action to be taken through your collision repair.

From there, we can evaluate the damage ourselves to ensure you’re taking the right course of action moving forward. Every vehicle is different and will need a varied level of attention, so it’s best you bring the vehicle in as soon as possible.

REMINDER: insurance policies vary in their coverage for such damages, so take this into account when you are preparing your vehicle.

Auto Glass Repair Services - Pato Bravo Body & Fender - Bellflower, CA
Mechanical Collision Repair Services - Pato Bravo Body & Fender - Bellflower, CA

Mechanical Repair

We are experienced and accommodating mechanical professionals in the Bellflower, California area.

Our mechanical service is more so on the nitty-gritty side of our work. Mechanical work takes the most advanced preparation and execution on our end. Luckily, we still are able to achieve a quick turnaround time for the vast majority of our clients.

This includes belts, brakes, transmissions, oil, filter changes, and overall preventative maintenance.

In the long run, our preventative maintenance experience will allow for those fixes to not only be completed quickly, but more than pay for themselves over time. Learn more about our collision repair services today.

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We’ll take into account your unique situation and customize our services to best accommodate you and your vehicle. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the shop soon!