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Pato Bravo Body & Fender Collision Repair

Expert Collision Repair Services

At Pato Bravo LLC in Bell Gardens, CA we work with your insurance company in providing expert collision repair services so that you can get back on the road.

As lead experts in automobile collision repair services, we cover all collision-related repairs and vehicle damages. Whether it be a crack in the windshield to a full bumper replacement, we treat each opportunity we have with the utmost consistency and precision.

Your vehicle will look better than new when you get it back, and we guarantee that you will see that extra care pays dividends in our work.

We Can Fix Any Collision-Related Damage:

Windshield Repair

This covers minor scratches or replacement of the windshield entirely. We will evaluate the damage ourselves to ensure you’re taking the right course of action moving forward.

Bumper Damage & Buff Outs

Bumpers are a major part of the auto collision work we do. Again, we’ll advise you on how to proceed, as a replacement installation is necessary in some cases.

Full Part Replacement

In some cases, we’ll need to fully install new parts for the vehicle. This is usually the case when we encounter more serious collisions, which will also take more time.

General Bodywork

With our extensive knowledge of bodywork in each vehicle class, we make short work of any damages and issues with the vehicle’s current bodywork.

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Our Auto Repair Specialties

Auto Body Repair

We are fully prepared for whatever your situation may call for with the majority of makes and models common to the Bellflower, California.


Car Glass Repair

We work with windows and sunroofs and we can acquire the pieces ourselves or use what you provide us and work within your insurance requirements. 


Mechanical Repair

We handle mechanical work for all insurance claim damages. Mechanical work includes; belts, brakes, transmissions, oil, filter changes, and overall preventative maintenance.


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We’ll take into account your unique situation and customize our services to best accommodate you and your vehicle. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the shop soon!


Most of our customers are referrals and we have over sixty 5-star reviews

Very professional, friendly, and courteous staff

This was an easy rating for these guys. I saw some of their work prior and needed some serious repairs. Not only did they do a great job but they put me in a rental car and even finished several days early. I will continue to do business with this company in the future.

Josh A

I'd recommend them to anyone

Got some work done on my Ford Fusion here after getting sideswiped, and honestly could not have chosen a better body shop. Upbeat, friendly staff— I recommend them to anyone that wants to do insurance or cash work.👍

Bobby N

Amazing job

Had an unlucky situation and was devastated with my car and I can’t believe the amazing job they did getting my car looking like new!! Highly recommended on my end— you won’t be disappointed.


Abel S

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